As a writer, Colleen Story is all too familiar with the compression and pain in the back caused from too many hours sitting. She had suffered from a herniated disc in her 30’s, and most recently suffered a set-back that had her seriously considering the Teeter Inversion Table she had heard so much about. Since her blog, Writing and Wellness, caters to helping other writers “live their best creative lives”, Colleen carefully documented her experience for her readers in her article, “Will Inversion Therapy Help You Work Pain-Free?

For years, Colleen used Yoga as her primary means to relieve back pain, which it can help relieve symptoms when paired with inversion. Even with daily yoga sessions, she suffered a setback that caused severe back pain symptoms. She figured that it was time to try inversion on a Teeter for the first time to see if Teeter could help her.

At first, she admits that she, “was a bit intimidated” by the Teeter. Yet she found that adjusting her Teeter to her unique settings was a breeze; “The changes are easy to make, so I had no problems playing with this until I got it to the right place.”

After weeks of using her Teeter, Colleen says, “I am addicted to my Teeter. I use it every day after my workout, and my body looks forward to it like it might a massage or a hot bath.” Check out her full article here to see her story of back pain relief unfold.

“There’s no reason for you to continue to suffer, however, if something like this [Teeter] can help.”

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