Recently, entrepreneur and one of Fast Company’s “Most Innovative Business People”, Tim Ferriss described decompression as the third of his “5 Morning Rituals That Help Me Win the Day.” In his Podcast, Tim explains that after he does any kind of weight training that puts compressive loads on his spine, he will use Teeter’s EZ-Up Gravity Boots to decompress! Tim decompresses his spine almost daily to not only care for the discs in his spine but to gently stretch tired muscles as well.

He also uses his Teeter P3 Back Stretcher (formally known as the Lynx Portable Back Stretcher, which Tim mentions) whenever he doesn’t have pull-up rack available.

Being a Kickboxing champion, Tim obviously knows how to take care of his body, so he is a trusted source about health and the benefits that decompression can bring.

Hear Tim’s thoughts on how to “Win the Morning” above. Be sure to listen carefully around 16:40 minutes in to hear his third ritual about how he uses Teeter to decompress his back.

*The Podcast contains some mature language