Entrepreneur Tim Ferriss is widely renowned for giving advice ranging from finance to general life lessons. He also lives a healthy and active lifestyle and often recommends ways to help listeners improve their health. Recently, Tim covered how to improve back health and mentioned Teeter’s EZ-Up Gravity Boots as one of his “3 Tools For Fixing Back Pain.”

He also recommends other Teeter products to help decompress the spine in case the EZ-Up Gravity Boots aren’t for you. He mentions the P3 Back Stretcher (formally known as the Lynx Portable Back Stretcher, which Tim mentions) and our Teeter Inversion Tables.

See Tim’s tools to help relieve back pain or click here to see the original post. Be sure to listen carefully around 0:50 minutes in to hear what he has to say about Teeter.

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Tim Ferriss isn’t the only person to recommend Teeter to help find relief from back pain, check out some of our success stories.