The Teeter P2 Back Stretcher is a perfect alternative to inversion and also provides a portable travel solution for those who love their Teeter Inversion Table. Not only is the P2 easy to take on the go, this FDA-cleared Class 1 medical device is indicated for relief of back pain and related conditions like sciatica and herniated discs! So we know why you would want one, but the question is how do you use it? We’ve put together a guide to help you do just that and become an expert at decompressing with a P2 in no time!

After checking your Owner’s Manual and assembling your P2 Back Stretcher, you’re ready to decompress! Here’s a quick video demonstrating how to decompress with the P2.

Choose Your Position

Relieve Back Pain with the Teeter P2

Choose from three different positions depending on your level of comfort or mobility, or desired level of stretch:

  • Level 1 Positioning
    • Sit at the edge of a flat surface (chair, bed, or couch). Ensure that nothing can obstruct your arms from performing the stretch. Knees should be bent in a 900 angle.
  • Level 2 Positioning
    • Lay down on a flat surface (floor, bed, or yoga mat) with feet flat on the floor and knees bent in a 900 angle.
  • Level 3 Positioning
    • Lay down on the floor in front of a chair or couch. Lift both feet and prop them onto the elevated surface, scooting your body closer so that your legs and hips create a 900 angle.

Fitting the P2


Best Position to Relieve Back Pain with Teeter P2

With the Foam Rollers behind your knees, place the Lap Pads on top of your thighs and in-line with the bend at your hips. This step is critical – if the pads are too far down your thighs, then decompression is not possible!

Stretching with the P2

Every Day Use to Relieve Back Pain

First things first, relax both mind and body. This is the time for you to de-stress and center yourself. Relax the muscles in your lower back, allowing the spine to lengthen and decompress. Remember that the more you relax, the better stretch you will get.

Straighten your arms by pushing into your thighs and RELAX. Take several deep breaths per push, each push should last around 15 seconds, and repeat 3-5 times as needed. Use the P2 several times a day for best results. Be patient! It can take several weeks of use to feel the benefits and relieve back pain.

When you feel like you’ve done enough for the session, allow your body to rest on the ground 20-30 seconds. This will give your spine time to re-compress and reorient itself before exiting the P2.


If you’re sitting, carefully disengage your legs one at a time from the T-Bar with foam Knee Rollers. Once cleared from your legs, you can place the P2 to the side and slowly stand up.

If you’re performing the Level 2 or 3 Stretch on the floor, carefully roll onto your side after removing the P2 and use your arms to help you stand up.

Why Not Get Both?

The P2 works perfectly with Teeter Inversion Tables as a 1-2 combo to relieve back pain, ease tense muscles, decrease stress, and so much more! Use the L3 at home for daily maintenance of your back health and take the P2 with you to work or on the go so you can get relief wherever, whenever. For more information, see more here – EP-970 Ltd. Red.