Billi understands back pain from both medical background as a nurse and from personal experience. She was diagnosed with degenerative back issues when she was only 20. Though the pain was constant, she says that it’s, “made better by the Teeter.”

Being a nurse, Billi is knows why Teeter Inversion Tables have helped over 3 million people relieve back pain, but even she was surprised at how effective it was; “I was not expecting it [Teeter] to help with the numbness in my leg… I wasn’t really expecting that, and I think that was the best part.” After finding Teeter, she felt she wasn’t being “held back” by her back pain.

She is now more active than she has been since her diagnosis! She is able to walk and exercise with her husband every day. See Billi’s story and how Teeter helped her Feel Better, Move Better, Live Better!

“Physiologically I Knew What Inversion Was All About”

Decompression using a Teeter Inversion Table is a natural form of back pain relief that uses gravity to gently relieve painful pressure on the disks in your vertebrae. Learn more about the many benefits of inversion and even find the Teeter that helped relieve Billi’s back pain.