On June 6, 2014, the Wall Street Journal published an article titled “Benefits of Hanging Upside Down: Can It Really Help Back Pain, Improve Circulation and Combat Stress?” in which the author details her research into inversion to determine if the claimed benefits are worth considering.


The article quotes Roger Teeter, along with other specialists in the field, including a professor of neurosurgery at Newcastle University, a physical therapist, and a physician/yoga instructor. By compiling and considering the validity of a variety of sources, the article expounds on the evidence suggesting why the benefits of inversion should be taken seriously.

The author concludes by describing her experience with using a Teeter Hang Ups Contour L5 at the Gym Source in Newton, Mass, saying “I felt a very enjoyable stretch of my abdomen, my hips and the sides of my body. I don’t have back problems, but I did find the experience very relaxing.”