Orthopedic Surgeon, Dr. Steedman is no stranger to back pain. Not only does he see patients who suffer from chronic pain but he himself has a spinal condition that gave him severe back pain. He found relief only after inverting on a Teeter Inversion Table on a regular basis. After over ten years of inverting, Dr. Steedman recognizes the impact that Teeter has had on him; “If for some reason I couldn’t do inversion, my quality of life would be markedly diminished.”

Click below or visit our YouTube Page to hear Dr. Steedman’s personal journey through back pain relief and his opinion on the benefits of inverting on a Teeter from a medical professional’s perspective.

Teeter Has Had a Positive Impact on Many Lives – Make Yours One of Them

Find back pain relief, stretch tired muscles, help regain flexibility and so much more with the right Teeter Inversion Table! You can also enhance your inversion experience with our many accessories.