Newsmax Health recently featured an article on inversion therapy called “Inversion Therapy: Drug-Free Back Pain Relief.” In it, the author Vera Tweed explains how back pain is very common in the American population and inversion can be a natural way to find relief without more invasive treatments like medication or surgery.

Daily activity like hunching at your desk for hours can cause small misalignments in your spine. Inversion therapy can gently decompress the vertebrae in your spine to not only encourage absorption of more fluid into the spinal discs but also relaxes muscles and ligaments holding your spine in misalignment. This helps realign your spine for pain relief.

As the article points out, there have been many studies supporting such claims. One such study was conducted using Teeter products at Newcastle University in the United Kingdom. It was spearheaded by the head of neuroscience who suffered from severe back pain. The study compared patients who regularly practiced physiotherapy and those who practiced regular physiotherapy along with inversion therapy. All members of both groups were recommended by their doctors to have surgery done to treat their symptoms. After the conclusion of the study, researchers found that the patients who practiced inversion therapy were 70.5% less likely to require surgery. Along with the Newcastle study, there are many more studies about the benefits of inversion.

In conclusion, the author cites a Chiropractor named Shad Foster who gives some recommendations on how to comfortably invert. His most notable recommendation is on the importance of taking it slow when you’re first starting inversion. Starting to invert at a shallow angle like 20-30 degrees will help your body acclimate to the motion of inversion and decreasing the chance that you can feel discomfort. Then you can slowly progress to steeper angles like 60 degrees to experience the full benefits of inversion.