Pets get sick, injured, or have pain just like we do. When that happens, we take our pets to Veterinarians like John who spend all day on their feet caring for pets. Unfortunately for him, doing so has taken its toll on his body; “It’s just a constant, chronic nagging that you just live with all of the time. You can only take so much Ibuprofen.”

In order to improve his overall health, John chose Teeter to help him with his lifestyle change; “In 5 minutes, I can do a couple inversions and in between I’ll do core workouts, so it’s very efficient.” Relieving back pain has helped him keep up with his 5 children and 2 grandchildren and spend quality, physically active time with them.

“I’m able to do more. My back stays stronger. I keep my core engaged.” These are just a few of the benefits that Teeter can help provide. Check out John’s story to see how Teeter helped benefit his life.

“I Mean It Paid for Itself Countless Times”

Success Stories like John’s is why Teeter does what it does. Our mission is to help people enjoy life without back pain. Teeter Inversion Tables like the EP-560 Ltd. have been crafted to ensure that pain doesn’t hold you back!