The health of your back is inextricably tied to your quality of life. Back pain can severely limit your ability to perform physical activities such as playing golf, tennis, or even getting out of bed in the morning. As Roger Teeter, the founder of Teeter Hang Ups, explains in his article for Arizona Sports & Lifestyle Magazine, investing in the health of your back and relieving back pain can lead to a more fulfilling life because you can get back to doing the things you love.

Now after decades living virtually without back pain, Roger tells his three secrets to relieve pain:

Teeter Back Pain

Good Posture

When you slouch, both the weight of your upper body and the force of gravity will focus pressure on your lower spine and disks from which pain will eventually occur. Your posture is integral to the health of your back. Gravity is constantly pushing down on your spine. A straightened spine in good posture will distribute the force of gravity evenly to mitigate its impact on your joints and surrounding muscles. The lesson here? Do what your mama told you and sit up straight!

Daily Inversion

Being the founder of Teeter Hang Ups, Roger definitely knows the benefits of inverting daily. Unlike with posture where gravity is working against your spine, with inversion gravity is your friend. Inversion uses your natural body weight to naturally decompress your load-bearing joints. Inverting regularly can greatly improve joint mobility and leave you feeling refreshed and ready to take on the day. As Dr. Tontz, an orthopedic surgeon in Yuma states, “People who invert daily do far better than people who invert for three weeks to relieve their pain, reinjure again in a year, and then start inverting again until their pain is relieved”

Healthy Lifestyle

A strong core can help reduce the chance of injury or help you maintain good posture. Exercises like sit-ups, crunches, and squats will target your core muscles and strengthen them so that they can help your spine remain pain free. Doing these exercises while inverted provide the extra benefit of relieving your spine from possibly uncomfortable and damaging loads, which can happen while doing these exercises traditionally on the floor.

With over thirty years researching and experiencing the benefits of inversion, Roger Teeter is a fountain of knowledge on the subject. Be sure to read the article itself to see how 2.5 million people have trusted Teeter Hang Ups to invert and help them relieve back pain – one of the many benefits of inversion.”