Experiencing consistent back pain can make anyone skeptical that a product can relieve their back pain without surgery. But trust us that these people are glad that they set aside their skepticism and tried our Teeter Inversion Tables. See how Teeter Hang Ups has helped turn these skeptics into converts.

I injured my back over 9 months ago but due to my heavy travel schedule for work I have had to live with the pain. It got so bad that just standing from a sitting position took time and caused severe pain. Sitting for any amount of time almost brought tears to my eyes… My father-in-law told me to try the Teeter Hang Ups inversion table he had bought. I was very skeptical but, desperate. Within ONE week of just a couple of times a day I had a significant reduction in the pain in my back. It has been three weeks now and for the first time in 9 months I am pain free! You have made a true believer out of me and I now suggest this table to all of my friends! THANK YOU for making a product that has literally given me my life back!!!

– Tammy P

As an absolute skeptic about miracle stuff on TV I did not buy in without the lower cost “give it a try” $19 or $29 approach. [Teeter] has enhanced my physical existence more than I had a right to expect.  I had an auto accident in ’94, had wise medical friends that directed me away from surgery, but left me at a dwindling physical ability.  I’m a 68 year old lawyer who feared I would soon need to quit. Your ‘Hang ups’ has given me a new view of the rest of my career.  An average of 6-10 uses per week, each like a visit to a spa, each 3 minutes long, and I am not only much improved, I have a new optimism about my physical life generally.

– Gary B

I just wanted to drop a line to thank you so much for such a great product.  I had problems almost 2 years ago with a ruptured disk in my lower back and it caused horrible pains in my back and leg from pushing on the sciatic nerve.  I did cortizone shots and then epidural shots and it did help for a while.  The doctor said if I came back I would have to undergo the surgery to have it fixed.

I have been using [Teeter for months] and I must say it’s the best thing I have found for my back.  All those recurring pains are gone!

– Adrian S

I was having severe problems with my back. A trip to the Dr. and an MRI revealed I had severe calcium deposits (from arthritis) built up around my sciatic nerve. I was really depressed when my orthopedic Dr. was recommending I see a spinal surgeon. My wife had seen an article on Inversion Tables and how they can help people with herniated discs and sciatic problems. At first, I didn’t think it helped, however after just 2 weeks use I could walk upright again and [had] very little to no pain. Have been a [Teeter] user for 10 months now and still have no further sciatic problems. I am happy to say I no longer have any pain!

– John T