How to invert

Rule #1 – Get comfortable by wearing comfortable clothes and shoes. Remember: you will be placing your feet in the locking mechanism while you are inverting so be sure that you wear shoes you will be comfortable in while hanging upside down.

Rule #2 –  Once you are inverted, listen to your body. If you don’t feel relaxed or are at all uncomfortable, then reduce your angle/duration of inversion.

Rule #3 – When using your inversion table for the first time, have a spotter who can help you return upright if needed while you fine-tune your optimal settings to achieve the perfect balance and control.

Rule #4 – Don’t do too much, too soon. You will be more comfortable and gain the most benefits if you gradually increase the angle and duration over time. Full inversion may be uncomfortable and unsatisfying early on until you’ve had a chance to become accustomed to the feeling and allow your body to adjust.