Santa has already begun to make his annual trip around the world to drop gifts off to all the boys and girls! Many in the United States leave out a glass of milk and cookies to thank Santa for working so hard to drop of presents to millions of people.

But is that really what Santa needs to get through the night? We say that you should leave something much healthier to thank him – start a new tradition and leave your inversion table for Santa to relieve back pain and feel energized throughout the night!

The long day of travel must be hard on Santa’s body. All of the sitting while his reindeer take him from house to house and the heavy lifting he does to carry his bag of toys can take its toll on anyone, including Old Saint Nick. Leave him your inversion table so that he can decompress his back and feel refreshed!

Just in case Santa isn’t able to place your Teeter gift under your tree in time for Christmas, don’t despair. Simply Download Santa’s Raincheck to let your loved ones know that they will be getting a Teeter Inversion Table soon – even if it’s a little after Christmas. For more information, click here.