With the rush to shop, cook, clean, and all the other preparation that goes into getting ready for the holidays, back pain can occur at the worst time. Though for the majority of Americans, symptoms don’t just plague them only once or twice a year. In fact, many of us experience bouts of back pain many times throughout the year. According to a Mayo Clinic study, back pain is one of the most common reasons for doctor visits in the US.

Great gifts are useful long after the tree and tinsel are put away for the year. This year, give the gift of YEAR-ROUND back pain relief and much more. Inverted decompression on a Teeter Inversion Table can provide relief from back pain, improved flexibility, tension and stress relief, rejuvenated discs, and reduced nerve pressure.

Don’t want to invert? Teeter doesn’t just offer inversion products. Don’t worry, we’ve got back stretchers and fitness products to provide customized relief for you, your friend, or loved one. Here are just a few Teeter products that can fit unique gifting needs.

1. Contour L3 Ltd.

Teeter Inversion Tables are the ultimate non-surgical solution for relieving back pain symptoms. The Contour L3 Ltd. Inversion Table is one of our most feature-rich inversion options. Its extra-long EZ-Reach Ankle System makes it easier for users to secure their ankles without needed to bend as far to do so. If you find it difficult to bend over without pain, this feature can make your Teeter Inversion experience that much better!

Speaking of ease of use, the Contour L3 Ltd’s One-Click Balance feature allows the user to easily adjust the balance point to accommodate users of different shapes and sizes without the need to remove the bed from the frame. These and many more features can make relieving back pain symptoms easy with daily inversion!

Contour L3 Teeter Inversion Table


The DEX II offers inverted decompression and extension like that of Teeter Inversion Tables, but on a hip-support platform that rotates forward. This is ideal for someone with knee or ankle problems who can’t invert on a traditional inversion table.

The DEX II is also a versatile work-out station! Rotating forward like on a Roman Chair allows you to work your core and improve flexibility with a variety of inverted stretches and exercises. Plus, you can use the base for reverse dips, modified push-ups and exercise band work.

Teeter Inversion Alternative

3. P2 Back Stretcher

Teeter isn’t just all about inversion. We offer back stretching and decompression alternatives for those who, for whatever reason, cannot or do not want to invert. The P2 Back Stretcher is the ideal solution to provide comfortable, user-controlled traction: the user simply lays back on a flat surface and uses their own leverage on the Hand Grips for a great stretch to the lower back.

The P2 can also do something that would be very difficult to do with a Teeter Inversion Table – fit in your suitcase to travel with you! The compact, light-weight design of the P2 makes it an ideal solution for those who are looking to relieve back pain on the go!

Portable Inversion Alternative

4. Better Back Foam Roller

The Better Back Foam Roller is ideal for the fitness enthusiast in your family. Its compact, durable design is great for self-massage to help release muscle tightness and trigger points. Use pre-inversion with your Teeter Inversion Table or pre-workout to perform myofascial release techniques for improving muscle elasticity and blood flow, which can help to enhance performance, avoid injury and speed recovery.

The roller doesn’t just have to be used for fitness reasons. It can also be used as a posture correcting stretching tool to combat slouched, rounded shoulders and return the head to neutral position!

Teeter Foam Roller

5. Better Back Neck Restore

Even if your loved one already has a Teeter Inversion Table, our accessories like the Better Back Neck Restore can help enhance user experience and provide even more benefits! It provides support of the upper neck/cervical spine for gentle traction or decompression of the neck and self-administered suboccipital release, a technique to reduce tension in the supporting muscles of the neck.

Simply tilt the head side-to-side to rotate the Neck Restore and find just the right position to reach trouble areas, applying variable pressure like a massage.

Teeter Neck Restore

Gifting Better Health Is Easy with Teeter

As you can see, Teeter has your back when it comes to making the right gift choice. Check out our Inversion Tables and use the “Compare” tool to find the perfect Teeter for you!

Need a bit more convincing why Teeter is the ideal gift to give? No problem! Check out just a few stories of the millions of people who found relief from Teeter.