The Prince of Darkness may be onto something when he dangles upside down in his castle. Even the undead can benefit from increased blood circulation that can oxygenate the brain and the rest of you body better and  feed them with vital nutrients keep your skin looking healthy, your mind agile, and your body more flexible. Increased blood flow to the brain when inverting can also make you more awake and alert, according to the NACD.


Dracula also must remain agile while stalking his prey night after night. How could he outmaneuver so many of his victims if he didn’t stay flexible enough to pounce from the shadows? Perhaps his regular inversion sessions are keeping him flexible by lubricating his joints and decompressing his spine to keep him in top shape. When you are hundreds of years old, a compressed spine can be a nightmare. No wonder Dracula chooses to take a cue from the bats and invert regularly.

Whether you sport a pair of fangs or not, almost anyone can benefit from regular inversion sessions to feel more alert, stay flexible and relieve back pain.