…because it repairs and strengthens! At least that’s what we have heard from satisfied customers for the past 30 years. Thousands have discovered Teeter’s awesome inverted workout that targets the glutes, legs and core, swearing that there is no tougher sit-up on the planet!

We recently heard from Bruce (AKA Mr. Tuffbody), a satisfied Teeter customer since 2006 who first sought Teeter for back pain relief but quickly fell in love with it for the workout benefits. Bruce is one impressive guy. A 47-year-old Army Veteran and amateur body builder living in Hawaii, he shares his perspective and fitness advice on YouTube and BodyBuilding.com.

Using his inversion table converted for use with Gravity Boots, Bruce performs inverted sit-ups and squats and reports, “These are two awesome exercises that you just can’t safely do without one of theses machines. That’s when I fell in love with this table. It has become a staple in my exercise program to help me keep my back healthy, my posture tall, and my core strong. I use it three days a week for 10 to 15 minutes each time.” Read the rest of Bruce’s testimonial to learn more about his Teeter story.