Actor Bradley Cooper will be on the Broadway stage playing John Merrick in The Elephant Man. For the role, Cooper will have to twist and contort his body to accurately portray the disfigured John Merrick.

In his interview with the Associated Press, the Silver Linings Playbook actor is already preparing to relieve back pain that he may suffer from all of the contorting he’ll have to do – along with regular visits with a chiropractor, he has bought an inversion table!


To show his dedication to the role, Cooper has elected to do all of the contorting himself instead of relying on prosthetics to receive the look of John Merrick. With eight shows a week, Cooper will be doing a lot of twisting and turning in which he will require many inversion sessions to relieve the back pain that he’ll almost inevitably induce upon himself.

In an interview with the AP, Cooper gives reason for his dedication to play John Merrick this way; “There’s this love story and you also get a sense of Merrick being a real survivor and having a real wisdom about him. It’s sort of heartbreaking in the face of reality and the limits that faced him.”

It may not be readily apparent, but sitting at the desk contorts your spine much the same way that Cooper is doing to play John Merrick. Constantly hunching over to view a computer screen will take its toll and place pressure directly on your lower back causing discomfort.

Along with good posture, inverting everyday can decompress the spine and rehydrate your disks to help relieve pain and refresh tired muscles.