Teeter wants to help you relieve stress, not add to it. The BILT App can help you reduce assembly time so that you can spend less time putting your Teeter together and more time relieving your back pain and so much more!

It just happens that Nate Anderson of BILT recently had an interview with the “Cajun Contractor,” Michael King of HomeTalk USA to discuss how BILT can make assembly easier for not only your Teeter but many other household products you may already have!

What is BILT?

The BILT App creates immersive and interactive assembly experience to make putting your Teeter together even easier than before! It’s simple 3D instructions are easy to follow and with a simple flick of your finger, you can see exactly how to assemble without confusion. As Nate Anderson of BILT states, “If at any point you get stuck or you want to see it from a different angle – you just pause it, you zoom in, you pinch with your fingers. It makes even complex projects so simple that even your 10-year-old can do it.”

How to Download

BILT is constantly updated so that you will never have to worry having outdated user instructions. Simply upload the BILT App, scan the QR code or look up your product like Teeter on BILTapp.com and there you will have all the information you need to make assembly a breeze!

You can hear how BILT brings the, “instruction experience into the 21st century” by downloading this link from gcnlive.com.

Teeter and BILT – A Truly Immersive Supported Experience

Teeter is committed to not only provide the safest and highest quality products to you but we genuinely want your Teeter experience to be easy and hassle-free. Don’t just take our word for it. Hear from just a few of the millions of people that Teeter has helped.