1. Position

Relieve Back Pain with the Teeter P2

Use the P2 lying down on a firm surface with your legs propped on a chair for best decompression. For a light to moderate stretch, the P2 can also be used lying flat on a bed or couch, from a crouched standing position, or while seated in a chair. The key is to bend your hips, which works to flatten the lumbar curve and prep your back for effective decompression!

2. Right Way Up

How to Best Use Teeter P2 to Relieve Back Pain

Make sure the Teeter logo on the Lap Pad bar is facing you and the logos on the Lap Pads are facing down against the tops of your thighs. The handles should be parallel to your hips, not perpendicular.

3. Line Up Pads

Best Position to Relieve Back Pain with Teeter P2

With the Foam Rollers behind your knees, place the Lap Pads on top of your thighs and in-line with the bend at your hips. This step is critical – if the pads are too far down your thighs, then decompression is not possible!

4. Push, Breathe, Repeat

Every Day Use to Relieve Back Pain

Straighten your arms by pushing into your thighs and RELAX. Take several deep breaths per push, each push should last around 15 seconds, and repeat 3-5 times as needed. Use the P2 several times a day for best results. Be patient! It can take several weeks of use to feel the benefits and relieve back pain.

Help with Teeter P2 to Relieve Back Pain