Halloween is challenging enough for most parents, with or without spine problems. Making sure all the decorations are up and are as spooky as possible, the struggle getting the kids to look perfect dressed up as their favorite characters, and walking around town Trick or Treating can really take a toll on your back.

How will you ever cope without triggering your chronic back pain? Fear not!  With some simple spine saving tricks, your back won’t be suffering by the end of the night.

Make Sure You Have Proper Footwear

Pavement isn’t known for being very forgiving to your body over long walks. The hard surface doesn’t absorb the impact of each step you take. If the surface you walk on doesn’t absorb the impact, that means your feet do. The force can reverberate throughout the body and potentially trigger back pain! Well cushioned soles can help save your body from the repeated stress that walking on pavement can bring.

Plan Your Route Ahead of Time

Small children can tire out quickly after all the excitement of free candy and seeing all the ghoulish decorations. If your little superhero poops out a mile away from home, guess who has to carry them home? Propping your little one on your shoulders while trick or treating can place tremendous loads on your spine and compress the discs. It’s no fun having to put 40 pounds of grumpy and tired child on your poor back for half the night.

Invert on Your Teeter Before and After Heading Out

Inverting on a Teeter for a few minutes can prep your body for the long trek around the neighborhood. Gravity assisted traction on the spine will help lubricate the discs in your spine. Rejuvenated discs will act as better shock absorbers after each step taken. Reduced nerve pressure after inverting will make your walk even more comfortable without having to worry about shooting pains.

Laying back and relaxing on your Teeter after the Halloween fun can stretch tired muscles and relieve stress through tension release. This will leave you relaxed for bed and ready for dreams about the copious amount of candy that you’ll eat tomorrow!

Trick or Treating Is Easier with Teeter

As you can see, a chronic back pain condition doesn’t have to scare away your Halloween fun.  Sticking to your back pain treatment routine on of Teeter’s many Inversion Tables including the Contour L3 Ltd. and taking care to plan ahead will give you the go ahead to have a scary good time!