One of the many reasons that sets Teeter apart from the competition is the number of accessories we offer. We believe that everyone has unique needs and should be able to customize their Teeter. Whether you’re a beginner or an inversion veteran, we have what you need to make your Teeter truly yours. Check out our most popular accessories and see how they can take your inversion experience to the next level!

The Better Back Vibration Cushion

Though Teeter Inversion Tables are already relaxing and comfortable to use, it’s always nice to make even the best even better. The programmable Better Back Vibration Cushion with Neck Support helps to revive tired, sore muscles with the use of powerful vibration motors combined with light-heat technology in the neck arch support.

It’s made from high-quality materials such as microfiber and polyfoam and provides a soft cushion enhanced by vibrating and heat technology to make your inversion experience even more beneficial.

The soft, programmable cushion contains 10 vibration massage motors with variable intensities. Each sends pulsating waves across the upper and lower back and helps to revive sore and tired muscles, improving surface circulation. The Vibration Cushion also emits light-heat in the upper back and shoulder area for even more stimulation.

Included with the Vibration Cushion is an LCD remote control which allows you to select target zone, speed, intensity and optional light-heat all with the touch of a button. The Better Back Vibration Cushion will ensure that you get ultimate relaxation and relief every time.

Neck Restore

Teeter Neck Restore on Teeter Inversion Table

The Better Back Neck Restore is one of our newest accessories, designed to be used with the Teeter or as a stand-alone therapy device to relieve stress and tension in the neck. Stress, anxiety, or poor posture can all contribute to a literal pain in the neck. Compound that with long work hours at a desk or uncomfortable commutes in the car, and you have a formula for chronic neck issues and headaches.

Stop this cycle of discomfort with the Teeter Neck Restore by relieving symptoms at the source! Simply place it at the base of your head/top of your cervical spine while lying on a flat surface or on your Teeter Inversion Table. This applies firm, yet comfortable pressure to loosen tight, sore muscles and adds gentle traction to relieve pressure.

The Neck Restore has a steel roller bearing system in its base that allows it to rotate, allowing you to angle the pressure just where you need it. Simply tilt the head side-to-side to rotate the Neck Restore and find just the right position to reach trouble areas, applying variable pressure like a massage.

Pro tip – Leave your durable rubber insert in the freezer for a few minutes before using to add cooling relief to inflamed muscles!

Better Back Comfort Cushion

Teeter Comfort Cushion on Inversion Table

Another new addition to the Teeter accessory line is the Better Back Comfort Cushion. This thick, supportive foam topper adds comfort to Teeter Inversion Tables. Its microfiber surface minimizes pressure points and allows for better body slide on the bed of your Teeter.

Why is body slide so important? Minimal friction with the bed allows for your body to fully stretch and for your spine to elongate for optimal decompression. Without slide, you won’t receive as many benefits that inversion can offer!

The Comfort Cushion also does not stop you from using other favorite accessories with your ComforTrak bed Lumbar Bridge and Acupressure Nodes. Cutouts accommodate these accessories so that you can experience the benefits they provide but with the added comfort of the Comfort Cushion!

EZ-Up Gravity Boots with Adapter Kit

Teeter Inversion Tables aren’t just great ways to relieve back pain, they can also transform into a workout station! Inverted squats, crunches, and sit-ups help build your core without the compressive forces of gravity. The EZ-Up Gravity Boots with Adapter Kit makes it easy to exercise on your Teeter.

When exercising upright, whether standing or sitting, gravity is pulling you down. This requires most training activities to be performed with great technical accuracy or they can injure the back. Inverted exercises can target every core muscle without adding risky, compressive loads to the spine.

Not only are inverted exercises ideal to protect your back while exercising, the reversal of gravitational pull can also intensify your workout! You’re not just pulling up your body weight, but by inverting, you’re working harder due to the extra gravitational pull.

Our EZ-Up Gravity Boots offer a lightweight and portable inversion solution that can be used with select Teeter Inversion Tables including the EP-560 Ltd., EP-860, and NXT-S.

Gravity Boots aren’t just limited for use on your Teeter. They are portable so you can take them to the gym as a great way to work your core or decompress after your workout!

Better Back Inversion Program Mat

With so many movements you can do on the Teeter Inversion Table, it can be easy to forget some of them. So a little reminder from the Teeter Inversion Program Mat can be very helpful.

It puts 24 illustrated stretches and exercises to offer a quick reference for each time you invert. The detailed drawings on the mat offer a simple, quick-reference guide so you can make the most of your Teeter Inversion Table!

The Program Mat is invaluable to both beginners and more experienced inverters. Start with basic, gentle stretches to provide greater benefits of inversion like increased flexibility and release of muscle tension. More advanced movements like inverted exercises target the core, glutes, and legs to help improve strength and posture.

EZ-Stretch Traction Handles

Teeter Inversion Tables are precision balanced to make inversion easy once you find your ideal settings. Though inverting on a Teeter is already easy, it’s always nice to make it even easier. That is where the EZ-Stretch Traction Handles come in. They give you extra leverage to make returning upright almost effortless.

Not only that, use them for intermittent traction and oscillation.  Oscillation is slow and rhythmic rotation down and up. This creates a “pumping” action in the spine which can help to stimulate circulation and fluid movement into the discs in the spine. The gentle rocking is also a great way to relax mind and body for an all-around rejuvenating experience.

This multifunctional tool doesn’t just make inversion easier. It provides additional benefits with more inverted stretching and decompression options.  With the muscles in your lower back relaxed, pushing on the handles can help to increase the traction and enhance your stretching experience.

Stretch Max Handles

Teeter Stretch Max Handles on Inversion Table

The Teeter Stretch Max Handles allow for greater user assistance while inverting and enhanced stretching and decompression options. Due to the different locations in which the EZ-Stretch Traction Handles and Stretch Max Handles reside, using both together give you so many more options to stretch and decompress that with only one. The Stretch Max Handles are especially useful for rotational stretches to target your lats, shoulders, and lower back.

Better Back Lumbar Bridge & Acupressure Nodes

These accessories come standard with Teeter Inversion Tables including the EP-560 Ltd. and EP-860 Ltd., just to name a couple. They were created specifically for the innovative track design of the ComforTrak Bed. Simply place these accessories to add lower back support or pressure-point massage.

The Better Back Lumbar Bridge provides extra traction and support to the lower back. It inserts directly into the ComforTrak bed of the Teeter near the small of the back. It can be adjusted from a subtle arch to a more dramatic one depending on your preference or desired effect. It can also be repositioned to suit your needs and is compatible with the Adjustable Acupressure Nodes.

One of the easiest ways to enhance your inversion experience is to add Teeter’s Acupressure Nodes for customized pressure-point relief, helping to release tension, increase circulation, and relieve muscle discomfort. The 8 nodes come in varying sizes so you can place just the right amount of pressure just where you need it.

Pro Tip – Use the nodes while at static incline to maintain a steady pressure, or rock up and down to shift pressure and position over the nodes for a shiatsu-style massage. Whichever way you want to use them, the Acupressure Nodes will help you experience greater relaxation and rejuvenation of tired muscles.

EZ-Angle Tether

Teeter EZ-Stretch Tether on Inversion Table

The EZ-Angle Tether Strap makes Teeter Inversion Tables even more user-friendly. Especially as you start inversion therapy, it is important to start off slowly instead of immediately fully inverting at 90 degrees. It’s best to ease your way into greater angles of inversion by starting with a shallow angle. We recommend that you start at 20 degrees to allow your body to get used to the movement of inversion. Then progressively start inverting at greater angles to receive more benefits.

The color-coded and embroidered preset angles act as an easy guide to see what angle you will invert at before even setting foot on your Teeter. Green for 20, Orange for 40 and Red for 60 degrees. This guide makes inversion even easier for an accurate adjustment.

Whatever Your Need, Teeter Has Your Back!

Whether you are brand new to inversion and are looking to make your experience as easy as possible, or an inverting veteran looking to increase strength or deepen your stretch, Teeter offers a variety of accessories to customize your inversion table for your needs. No matter what your inversion style is, we have accessories that can help enhance your inversion experience and the benefits you receive!